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Logs set to weekly are coming every day

I get this email every day:

Log file from Network Security Appliance [TZ270] Part 1 - End of Log

I have logs set for weekly emails. Yet they come daily. I see no way to change this. The only thing I could find on Google is the log is sent when it's 'full' which doesn't make sense to me.

How can I change setting for logs to only come 1x per week.?

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    @ExtremeTM as noted in this post, @shiprasahu93 states :

    Even if the logs are set to be sent weekly, once the log buffer is full, it is immediately sent to your email. You would need to make sure that the logs are enabled for the categories that you need information on.

    This KB article shows the log is not as large as you might expect:

    You would have to change your Log Settings to receive a once per week email. As explained in the aforementioned thread:

    Please make sure that the logging level is not at Debug as it would generate a lot of logs that are only useful while troubleshooting a specific issue. It would be best to leave the logging level at Inform.

    You can also reduce the log redundancy based on the event counts under Log -> Settings where you see a very large number to generate fewer logs.

    You can set the alert level to alert/emergency and manually apply that logging level to the specific logs that you would like to receive immediately.

    Hope that helps!

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