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SonicOS 7 Stable? Lots of Problems with NSA4700 SonicOS 7.0.1-5023

Good day and happy new year together. I hope you have a healthy 2022, not only in terms of Corona, but also in terms of the ever-growing number of security vulnerabilities. 

We changed our Sonicwall firewall cluster from a NSa 4600 to a NSa 4700 in the summer of 2021. This was accompanied by an upgrade of SonicOS 7, which brought a lot of difficulties with it. 

When activating the StateFull HA, the primary Sonicwall forgot its configuration. When activating the GEO IP Security Option, the entire Internet went down. 

These are all fatal errors in our eyes.

But we need to move forward here. We also want to enable security features like DPI-SSL, GEO-IP, Botnet Filter, App Control. But we don't dare to do it, because we don't know how the firewall will react. 

Currently we have installed the firmware SonicOS 7.0.1-5023-R1828. 

Firmware 7.0.1-5030 is currently available.

Do you also have problems with the new SonicOS 7? Can we install the firmware, hopefully it is more stable than the previous one. 

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  • ChojinChojin Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited January 2022


    first i am not familiar with v7

    But i had a similar issue on nsa3650 with v6 with initial config. And it figured out, that i was affected by a seldom ROMPACK issue.

    I got a new ROMPACK version from Support and installed it. Afterwards the Sonicwall dont got stuck or lost config.

    Maybe you can ask Support if there is a known issue with ROMPACK?


    found release notes:

     - Fixes DTS 222852 : NSA 3650 : An error says the firmware image missing after

        Firewall Restarted automatically (Many Customers)

  • I've upgraded to the latest patch in early November. I have an NSA3700. I have all security features turned on, DPI-SSL, CaptureATP, GAV, IDS, Anti-Spyware, Botnet, GEO-IP, MAC-IP Filtering the works. What has happened since then is every 20 days, my firewall loses connectivity to the outside/inside world. What I mean is my Internet drops, but also my internal LAN PCs no longer see the firewall either. The first time it happened I didn't know the cause - Internet was working - we have 2 connections Cable modem and Fiber. We rebooted the Sonicwall and the switches, eventually once booted up all service resumed...for 20 days...when it happened again.

    When this happened the 3rd time, I thought something else was the issue but the reality now is probably that the Sonicwall did not complete its startup and when up it was fine.

    The 4th time it happened, I didn't reboot because the cable modem connection was still working and called Sonicwall - that was this Wednesday. They remoted in and took a look. They confirmed that something was wrong but could not pinpoint. Was instructed to do a hard reset which it never recovered from. The RMA'd a new one which I was going to install this Sunday but now with the Reboot Loop problem I think I will hold off. I'm currently band-aided with a TZ500 at the moment.

    I was going to install on Sunday but not give the latest firmware in case that was the problem and didn't want to reintroduce that again.

  • MarloeMarloe Newbie ✭

    I have a brand new TZ-670, upgraded to newest firmware, I thought I was on some psycho drugs as settings just disappeared and I had to re-enter them. Today the remote users could not get in, the SSL VPN client lan settings disappeared. I fixed it and everyone can get in, but all the virtual office RDP connections (I have 14) have disappeared from the management portal. The users can still see them and they can connect now, but I can't change the settings or even see the links.

    It's working but I don't want to touch it to try and resolve the issue.

    Opened a support case.

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