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HA issue in NSV Vmware

I have been searching KB to configure HA in VMware NSv. I have tried several steps but HA is not being synchronized to the peer.It only shows the Primary unit Active but there is no any synchronization to the peer one. The KB which i followed was:

I found only for Azure but not for VMware.Please provide me KB for VMware one too. Also, why the option Virtual MAC is not available in Virtual one? Is it only available in physical device? Please, help me after this i need to deploy in real device for my client.
Category: Virtual Firewall


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    Thomas_BuergisThomas_Buergis Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hi @sudin16

    The NSv HA in VMWare is identical to a HA with HW Appliances. Other than Azure, VMWare ESX supports Layer 2.

    There's no need for the virtual MAC because the firewall sends gratuitous ARP packets to inform the network about the changes. I'm not sure if the vSwitches would be able to handle the virtual MAC feature properly.

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    MitatOngeMitatOnge All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @sudin16

    Sonicwall has support vmotion on vmware. If you have Vcenter, no need NSv cluster.

    If you don't have Vmotion.

    1) Create seperate network for HA on vmware swtich and isolated all other network.

    2) deploy 2 sonicwall on vm host and assign a port on HA network.

    3) login Mysonicwall and assign toSecond Nsv in first NSv sonicwall Licenced page.

    4) Virtual mac address can assign on the vmvare panel. no need sonicwall gui.

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