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Tech Tips: Two factor authentication - Why is it important and How to set it up?

Hello Everyone,

I would like to start with 'You are only as strong as your weakest link'!!

With the increasing trend in attacks and expanding attack vectors, it is highly recommended to have a second layer of security for your existing devices. It might seem like a hassle but can prove to be really useful.

SonicWALL offers TOTP - Time based OTP adding an additional layer of security and it is extremely simple to set up.

1) It can be set for administrators logging to multiple devices and for ease might just use the same password at many locations. It is best to add TOTP on top of the password.

2) With the Work from Home movement, you might have a lot of remote users. It is important to extend the same level of security to those users as well.

3) You can also use this for the Secure Mobile Access appliances.

I hope this information is useful.

Stay safe and have a good one!


Category: Mid Range Firewalls

Shipra Sahu

Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services



  • ChrisChris Administrator

    Very important points here @shiprasahu93 . Thank you.

    Community Manager of SonicWall. Feel free to @Chris if you have any questions or concerns about the community.

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