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Outgoing mail blocked

I recently signed our office up for office 365 email through godaddy. Works fine from home but at the office with our TZ400 emails get rejected back as “provider has rejected traffic from this IP”. Microsoft confirmed our IP is not blacklisted. ISP doesn’t see an issue. Godaddy says our emails are confirmed correctly.

Everyone seems to think our tz400 sonic wall is somehow shielding our IP or doing something similar they makes MS block outgoing mail

Any suggestions ?

Error: (again, MS verified our IP is not blacklisted, I even used their delist tool)

Remote Server returned '550 5.7.708 Service unavailable. Access denied, traffic not accepted from this IP. For more information please go to AS(7230)
Original message headers:
Received: from
([fe80::550:49ab:1989:7e27]) by
([fe80::550:49ab:1989:7e27%7]) with mapi id 15.20.4823.023; Sat, 1 Jan 2022
19:22:13 +0000
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain
Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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    stediosstedios Newbie ✭
    Firmware is 6.2
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    AjishlalAjishlal Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @stedios

    Its not related with SonicWALL.

    • 5.7.708 Access denied, traffic not accepted from this IP: This error occurs when sending email from known, low reputation IP addresses that are typically used by new customers.
    • This error can happen when you are trying out a Microsoft 365 trial tenant. If you receive this error before you can purchase licenses, contact support to request an exception for the low reputation IP address until you're able to purchase licenses.

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    stediosstedios Newbie ✭
    That’s what I said, but I’ve gone through all the steps and MS assures me our IP is not the issue despite the message. The delist website says it’s not on their block list. One of Their agents had this to say:

    I do not see anything offhand with IP: ( that would be preventing your mail from reaching our customers.

    This morning I’m going to plug in my laptop before the sonic wall to rule it out.
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    AjishlalAjishlal Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @stedios

    IP black list & IP reputation is something different. as per the given IP analysis; its detected reputation issue.

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    stediosstedios Newbie ✭
    I see , that makes sense. I’ve asked our ISP for a new IP but they are hesitant. If their entire range is flagged as low rep that wouldn’t help.

    I can’t get anyone at MS to call me. Just an email saying the IP is fine. Our ISP thinks Sonicwall is making our IP look suspicious through some setting, but I doubt that

    Any other advice ?

    Much appreciated.
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    Issue with MS exchange servers. Please check this out as it may be the issue. A fix was published to resolve.

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    stediosstedios Newbie ✭
    Did you intend to leave a link? (I see a blank message)
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    AjishlalAjishlal Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Larry

    I have a concern about the above points. As per @stedios he is using office 365 email system not on-premises so above steps i dont think so will help him.

    He has to look into the Static IP, using by any other services for example; any proxy or VPN services or if he has any other static IP in the same pool he can route the emails through that new IP and do the test.

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    LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    @Ajishlal the fact that he went through GoDaddy for O365 means that either they or Microsoft HAS those affected servers. I wasn't suggesting he go through the activity - but merely pointing out that there was a "known issue" ongoing since the start of the year. Some organizations were able to work through the problem quickly; others were taking longer to resolve.

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    stediosstedios Newbie ✭

    I agree, yesterday I plugged in my laptop before the Sonicwall, with my ISP on the phone and watching remotely, and we were able to definitively confirm it it’s not the Sonicwall.

    So as I keep telling them it’s an IP address issue, and we need a new static IP address which they say they can’t provide. (Not sure why not…). they insist I work with Microsoft but MS tells me they are not blacklisted. my ISP doesn’t believe the “low reputation “ theory… so they are each 20 fingers at each other, I told them yesterday my last option is to switch ISP providers. One of their management personnel will call me this morning.

    I have not been able to get a hold of anybody directly at Microsoft about this issue, only be email help which is useless. My ISP is right about one thing and that is that Microsoft is generating the error so they should be the ones to fix it but I can’t get a hold of anybody at Microsoft that has a disability. In the meantime we need a new IP

    Thanks for everyone’s input
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    stediosstedios Newbie ✭
    All, thanks for your help on this. The issue seems to have “resolved itself” and emails are no longer being blocked by Microsoft. I don’t know what the fix was exactly as I made multiple inquiries into Microsoft, but maybe somebody finally escalated it up chain.

    @Ajishlal i’m not sure what tool you used, but I’m curious if our IP still comes back as “suspicious “? One of my theories is that we’ve been sending and receiving emails for several days through other devices and networks and maybe Microsoft saw that traffic and flagged us as Safe finally (assuming they matched up our domain with IP address…)

    The good news is as the Sonicwall tech said, this wasn’t a SC issue.

    Thanks all.
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    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @stedios it looks like:

    Score is still at 65%, same here for my IP, but having no trouble sending to Google, Microsoft etc.

    Reputation is built over time, it helps to register with and have your IP registered at

    Google has some Postmaster Tools if you struggle with them as well.


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