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Zone Matrix Selector Missing?

I am new to SonicWall and their UI. I have been watching videos and reading documentation like crazy to have a better understanding on how to deploy the TZs on my network. I seen several places referring to the Zone Matrix Selector that can be located on the ribbon bar under Policy>Rules and Policies>Access Rules. However, I do not have that option.

What am I missing here? The documentation "How to Configure Access Rules" shows the below screenshot in the article.


Category: Network Security Manager

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    BlacksuitBlacksuit Newbie ✭
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    Sorry for the delay as I have been sick this past week. However, it appears this view is not available in NSM and only available if logging into the firewall directly. Being new to SonicWall I have been trying to do everything in the NSM but I am starting to realize some things are not available.

    Not going to lie, it was frustrating reading the documentation and following it, to realize they were referring to being logged into the firewall gui directly.

    Thank you for your assistance and have a great day!


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