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Seeking comments from folks using NSM to create Templates with Objects

LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

I'd like to know if it is just me (being even more picky than usual) or if something isn't right with the dialog windows.

Here's a screen shot of the Address Object settings window:

After typing in a name, the natural tendency is to tab to the next field, and I'd like to assign it to the WAN.

However, the field acts as a data entry field instead of a drop-down field, because it places the "w" after the "N" instead of at the beginning.

I've tested multiple times. Here's how you can get the list to drop-down:

  • Backspace repeatedly to clear the value
  • Use the down arrow
  • Double click in the field

And when the value appears in the list, how would you normally select it? Tab doesn't work, it goes to the next field. The down arrow doesn't move to the field, nothing happens. So, I'll type it in or select it. No, that doesn't work in either upper or lower case, it reverts back to LAN. The ONLY way to set this value is to click the entry on the list.

Tab to the next field and you'd expect the same behavior - only that doesn't happen. You can't type anything in this field. If you try, nothing happens. So you have to click the down-arrow to get the list. But wait, what about the double click? Yes, that works but doesn't clear the field. The ONLY way to set this value is to click the entry on the list.

Look, I realize Windows has inculcated in us years of habit for dialog windows, and that this is a pop-up window in a web browser. But why isn't there any consistency to the actions of drop-down fields? Why does it seem they aren't using the same code to process actions? And why, oh why, is this promulgated in almost all the Objects windows?

Is anyone else having a hard time using this functionality? Has anyone else opened a ticket about it?

(asking for a friend)

Category: Network Security Manager


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    SanthoshSanthosh SonicWall Employee

    I tested this on My Cloud NSM ,here are the results.

    When I type in a name it takes it , I choose the drop down list and choose WAN for Zone Assignment and Type as Host or any from drop down and type the ip and it takes it.

    When I click on Zone Assignment it goes blank and I can choose the WAN, LAN, VPN etc.

    Selecting Zone Assignment using TAB on keyboard would give a blank screen as shown above.

    Once we remove WAN or LAN from LAN assignment using backspace we get the options to select the available Zones.

    Its working as expected.

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    LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    What you are describing is how it works.

    What I am saying is that it is not how "normal" windows work - even in browsers.

    "Once we remove WAN or LAN from LAN assignment using backspace" is NOT "expected" behavior, it is abnormal processing. Having a cursor appear after the value in a drop-down list is not normal processing.

    There's no rational justification for building a monstrosity like this and then saying it is fine. What's worse, I'm seeing the same coding evidenced in the Gen 7 UI.

    10 years of using SonicWall - from Gen 5 through now - and Address Object windows worked like Windows windows. Only now you've decided to throw out convention because, what - no thought twice?

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