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Version of Sentinel One in Capture Client

orttauqorttauq Newbie ✭
edited December 2021 in Capture Client

Legal at a client I support has asked what is the type of SentinelOne is embedded in 3.6 Capture Client.

  1. Is it Core, Control, Complete Or is it using a lite version of SentinelOne


Category: Capture Client

Best Answers

    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    @orttauq as a SentinelOne and SonicWall Partner I would compare CC at least with Control (at the moment) ... @SuroopMC mentioned that RemoteShell will be added later (CC 3.7+). Device Control is included, but Rogues are missing.

    After inspecting the S1 config on a running CC I would say Deep Visibility is not enabled, therefore I cannot say for sure if it's equivalent to the Complete SKU or not.


    orttauqorttauq Newbie ✭
    Answer ✓

    Thanks!! This should be all they need.

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