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TZ350 USB Modem

Hi Guys,

Need a little help setting up a USB modem on a TZ350 Gen6. As per How can I configure 3G/4G dialup modems for WAN failover? | SonicWall and What wireless cards and USB broadband modems are supported on firewalls and access points? | SonicWall I could source a D-Link DWM-222. But I can't get the firewall to recognize the modem.

I've been over my settings multiple times, the firewall won't recognize the modem. Anyone care to share some wisdom ? (Apart from don't do the USB modem thing.)

Thanks in advance

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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    scadlescadle Newbie ✭

    You need to use one of the modems on their approved list. The DWM-222 doesn't look like an approved modem, and the firewall will not recognize it.

    Unfortunately the list is extremely limited in terms of the newer options for the TZ350. I run a TZ300 and had to source a card that Verizon barely let me activate they were so old. Because I have an enterprise account, they were able to get it activated and it works, OK at best. It definitely wouldn't be my go-to option for a fail-over system if I had do design one myself, from scratch. It does work once you get the right modem and service for it.

    Let me know if I can help.

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