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Capture Client management site issues

Why does SonicWall continually seem to have problems keeping the Capture Client Management site working??

It took several minutes for the Dashboard to load just now, and then nothing but a spinning circle when trying to access Devices. Just clicked back on Dashboard, and it's not loading again either.

I ran into a similar problem during the trial period just a few months ago, and I guess I should have taken it as a sign not to buy this thing. What good is repeatedly getting top marks in the ICSA labs evaluations, if we can't manage it? Access to the site is critical to be able to manage the installations on the computer!

Anyone from SonicWall on this forum care to address this?

Category: Capture Security Center

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    SuroopMCSuroopMC SonicWall Employee
    Answer ✓
    The issue has been resolved but we will continue to monitor


  • SuroopMCSuroopMC SonicWall Employee
    @mangonacre - thanks for your feedback. We have noticed a performance degradation and are investigating the cause of it. I will post an update here when we have an ETA for restoration of services. Apologies for thr inconvenience caused and thanks for your patience!
  • Thanks for your reply, SUROOPMC. Even when the Devices are coming up, it's showing many of them as being unavailable or offline, when I know most of them are currently online. I can't even get a download of the device list with authorization codes right now. I'll give it some more time and check again. But this does seem to be a repetitive issue in my short experience with the platform. How are we expected to manage a threat if we can't get any information or have any control?

  • Thank you SUROOPMC. I did check it a little while ago and devices list seems like it is up to date again.

    To me, the question still remains how often this is going to occur with the management site. As I said, I'm especially concerned that it may happen when we're hit by a threat. If malware hits our file server, and the network gets blocked, we're then dead in the water for potentially hours until the management site allows us to process and remediate the threat. Not a good prospect at all for a busy business.

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