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Is stable?


I have 2x SMA 410 devices in HA. Currently on after Sonicwall support advised NOT to install as there was an issue with it and they were pulling it from being downloaded.

However, after the notification of the security vulnerabilities which are fixed in, we want to upgrade but not sure if it's "safe" yet? I have been replying to emails (regarding issues I had with the logging daemons dying - and their advice to upgrade to and calling them, but after collectively being on hold for over 2 hours on 3 phone calls, I have given up. To me this sounds like they are having HUGE issues with and are very busy to answer the phone.

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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    phil_phil_ Newbie ✭

    I can't help with the stabilty of the firmware but I concur on the support being terrible recently. So much so that we are factoring this into the next hardware review.

    Give the number of issue we have with the SMA410 - both in terms of relabilty and the number of vulnerabilities reported - it's unlikely we will stay with Sonicwall for remote access solution. And of course once we move to another vendor it's likely we'll also move our UTM custom away as well.

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    XronosXronos Newbie ✭

    Same here buggy software, horrible support and to much security related vulnerabilities.

    Functionality is fine if it is working....

    We also start to move to another vendor

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    stevmorrstevmorr Newbie ✭

    We updated to this in December and have had problems. On a few occasions the system has become inaccessible and had to manually power it off. We have also noticed than when this happens the event logs stops for about 12 hours prior so no idea what's happened and has not errors. When we contacted Sonicwall they said "add more RAM" to our virtual appliance which is a poor response. We did and the problem is still happening. I see there is a new version released ( but the release notes make no reference to this issue at all.

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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    @stevmorr it might be worth mentioning which Virtual Platform you are running, I use ESXi VMWARE 7 and don't have any issues like you are experiencing, is yours ESXi, HyperV, Azure or AWS?

    Also if you received that response from SonicWall you would be best to try and get the case escalated via your SonicWall Rep

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