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Commit and Deploy Approval Group?

I am new to SonicWall so bare with me and hope I am explaining this correctly...

I am making changes in NSM for my firewall but when I click on Commit and Deploy it tells me I need an Approval group. I have no idea where to go to create this group. I am the only user currently on this firewall as I am configuring and testing before going into production.

When looking through the documentation I click the link that discusses this topic but the page comes up 404. Can anyone guide me in the right direction please?

Thank you!

Category: Network Security Manager

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    BlacksuitBlacksuit Newbie ✭
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    I figured out how to disable this. Apparently I must have, at some point, enabled "Approval Workflow for Tenant" in the NSM. Once I disabled it, I no longer needed an approval group. This is an option I will most likely enable at a later date once I get comfortable with the UI.

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