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Strange SonicWave-224w Behavior

I have a SonicWave-224w that is requesting and assigning itself an ip address from our "corp" virtual access point vlan. This is in addition to the management (MGMT) ip address it has been assigned. The expectation is that only wireless clients are assigned "corp" addresses.

This is the only SonicWave I have. All others (5) are SonicPoints. The SonicPoints do not behave this way and have only been assigned management (MGMT) ip addresses.

Sonicwall support is stumped. Any ideas?

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    TippersTippers Newbie ✭

    I can't tell you why they do this, but I see the same in the DHCP current leases there are VLAN IP addresses given to the SonicWave devices but not the SonicPoint.

    They don't appear in the Access Point > Station Status view.

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