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How to connect a wired PC to the WLAN (VLAN:20)

Basic setup

2 sonicpoints - 4 VLANs (on the WLAN)

Main port is for WLAN is X4 with a Virtual adapter for each VLAN (one sonicpoint plugged in to this port)

X3 uses port shield to X4 (one sonicpoint plugged in to this port) All wifi networks work.

Trying to plug in a PC to X2 to have if on the VLAN: V20 which is on X4

I plug in to the X2 port and computer can communicate with the wifi cameras but it cannot get to the internet and the LAN PCs cannot ping it. I tried turning on DHCP and if was not pulling an address. I can ping the cameras for the LAN but the PC can only communicate with the wifi devices. I tried to create a NAT policy to allow the PC out but it did not work.

Only one machine with a static IP is going to be on the X2 port and I would like it communicate with the wifi VLAN and the internet. It is odd that it see the cameras but will not go the interenet.

I have tried to use just a straight port shield - no interent

I have tried to setup a nativebridge to VLAN v20 - no internet.

Anyone have any ideas where I should look next? Thank you in advance and TTYS

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited December 2021 Answer ✓

    @gnxsupport , make sure this is set to disabled like below on the WLAN Zone used, I take it X2 to is set to Native Bridged to V20 only not Portshielded ?


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    Better layout for the setup

    X0 - LAN -

    X1 - WAN (DHCP)

    X2 - single PC (no switch) Port Shield to X4 - native bridge to VLAN 20)

    X3 - Sonicpoint 2 (port shield to X4)

    X4 - Sonicpoint 1 - WLAN - 4 Virtual adapters one for each VLAN - VLAN 10 192.168.1.x, V20 192.168.201.x, V30 192.168.2.x and V40 192.168.3.x

    Wifi devices on both sonicponts (connected to V20) can communicate with the PC on X2 and from the LAN can be pinged, but X2 cannot communicate with the internet or be pinged from the LAN.

    Hope that makes it clearer. Thanks

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    I choose WLAN as the zone and then was trying to bridge. That only allowed it to bridge X4 and not the VLAN. This time I did the native bridge but did not choose a zone and it gave the option I needed. I have the sonicpoint only disabled. Your post pointed me the in the right direction. Thank you and have a great day!

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