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Am I stuck with Triple NAT?

Is there any way to avoid triple NAT in his scenario. 

I have T-Mobile Home Internet. Their Nokia modem is very dumbed down. No port forwarding and no bridge mode. Cannot change LAN address. It has two LAN ports 

Next is the Sonicwall TZ270. Next is the Google Nest WiFi mesh system. 

So it currently goes like this:

Modem Lan ( > Sonicwall WAN X1 (

Sonicwall LAN X0 ( > Google WAN (

         Google LAN ( > Switch (192.168.86.x) > LAN devices

I understand networking some but am new to the Sonicwall world and am hoping someone can tell me one way or the other if I can at least go to double NAT or am I stuck with Triple.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    What is the point of having the Sonicwall in this mix? Have you considered L2 Bridge or Transparent Modes?

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    I originally got it to play around with port forwarding for Plex and Channels DVR. It didn't work. Am so impressed with the TZ, decided to keep it and learn it just for fun. But the triple NAT is a pain. It affects my Synology iTunes server and Arlo cameras. So I will try L2 Bridge mode. Can't do Transparent because the Tmobile can is IPv6.

    Thanks for the suggestion. It was very helpful.

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    For some reason L2 Bridge Mode is not working. I set it up according to Sonicwall instructions. Except I'm not sure what subnet I'm supposed to put in the X1 WAN port?

    I assumed it's the same as the T-mobile modem ( So in X1 I put, GW, DNS

    Am I on the wrong track here. Should the WAN port subnet be something different?

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