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Hovering mouse over items does not display IP Address info

We have 8 firewalls that are managed with NSM. 7 of them are SonicOS 7 firewalls. Models TZ470's, 670's and NSA 2700. We have 1 6.5 version NSA 5600.

In the NSA 5600 (SonicOS 6.5) firewall, If I go to look at access rules or routing etc... and hover my mouse over objects, a context menu pops up showing me the IP address or other info for that object as expected.

In any of the OS7 models, there is no context popup of any kind. Is this a bug or is there something I need to enable in either NSM or the firewalls for the info to be shown?

Thanks for any assistance.

Category: Network Security Manager


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    ChusitoChusito Newbie ✭

    In my case, I am seeing a TZ670, and Yes, I have pop-up windows with the information of the network objects and the IPs, I do not access through NSM, I access the equipment directly, by WAN, and I am using Crome and the version is TZ670 v7.0 .1-5018

    I hope it helps you

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    dspjonesdspjones Newbie ✭

    If i turn off the cloud management and just go directly to the firewall to manage it then, yes, like you I do see the info as expected. However, my problem is when managing it via NSM. I guess it IS a bug in NSM then.

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    ChusitoChusito Newbie ✭

    Yes, but also in the GUI, at the moment I am with a TZ470 and for example the IP stack policy, (SSLVPN IP POOL) is not displayed while in a TZ400, the PopUP jumps.

    I guess they will have to adjust the new Gen7 firmwares.

    Anyway, I don't use NSM, but I do use GMS regularly and it doesn't show anything. In fact the hand does not appear. Only if you use it for "Login to Unit Method" that reconnects directly with the machine.

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