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Can't find firmware download

I received an email today informing that a new TZ600 firmware version has been released. However, I cannot find this firmware anywhere on the download center. Has this been pulled due to some problem?

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    Hi @PPP,

    can't find the official release either, it's still marked as Beta. Maybe the release is imminent and you should check tomorrow, etc.

    April 27 was the date for Beta, hopefully it'll be a newer version, because performance wise I have mixed results (DPI-SSL).


  • PPPPPP Newbie ✭

    Thanks, I'll keep checking. I guess the email was premature.

  • Daver56Daver56 Newbie ✭

    Same here, I got the email, but cannot find the software on the site. I guess I'll wait as well. Really dont want to mess with the beta right now.

  • NevyadithaNevyaditha Moderator

    Hi All,

    The SonicOS is not yet available on Mysonicwall account. The Firmware is scheduled to be available by mid week of May.

    We are sorry for the inconvience caused. I will keep you posted once the SonicOS is web posted.


    Nevyaditha P

    Nevyaditha P

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

  • Are there release notes for this firmware version? I see it available for download but no details on what it contains.

  • SonicOS is a beta version which will show up in your Download Center if you have enabled the beta option under "My Account (top right). There are no release notes, but it is designed for use with the Switch and CSa (Capture Security Appliance) Beta.

  • Thanks; I already have that on and can see the beta firmware, but information on what it contains and what to test in the beta firmware would be useful. I vaguely remember something about a switch, but nothing about a new appliance. Is there a beta forum/program for these?

  • jst3751jst3751 Newbie ✭

    Today is May 27 and is still not available, yet we all received the email a month ago that it was available.

    Status please.

  • Hello @jst3751 ,

    The email sent about a month ago was not supposed to happen as it was out as a Beta release. But, we are very close to the web posted version of

    It is most likely to be out the coming week. Stay tuned!


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

  • PierreHPierreH Newbie ✭

    I have heard about a new firmware (linux and not SonicOS), UI must be the same as Fortinet, is that true?

    I am dreaming about a UI more attractive and more simple such as duplicate a rule, Edit button like the add and delete button...

    Sonicwall is very efficient in portection but we need enhancements in logs and UI

    thank you

  • Hey @PierreH,

    Yes, that news is true. It is in internal beta stage right now. Once it is out for an external beta, I will update this thread and you should be seeing announcements for the same in SonicWall Community.

    Stay tuned as a lot of new things are coming up!


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

  • BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭
    edited May 2020


    I hope you like the color orange, if not you'll have a hard time with SonicOS 7.0 ... NSv beta invites are out, hopefully I'll find some time to install this week. I'am not quite sure what to think about what I saw in the accompanying documents, it looks very space-hogging to me and I'am not sure if my 34" monitor can cover it. That's something what bugs me on SMA already.

    But the Unified Policy Engine looks promising and I'am hyped.


  • shiprasahu93shiprasahu93 Moderator
    edited May 2020

    Hello All, is web posted as a maintenance release. Attaching the release notes for reference.

    Also, attaching the KB for firmware upgrade procedure.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

  • jst3751jst3751 Newbie ✭

    Why wasn't a retraction email then sent out? That would have cleared up things for everyone.

  • fmadiafmadia Moderator
    @jst3751 We know that caused some issues however some corrective actions have been taken and I believe a retraction email was sent to the email addresses where the first email was sent to but I can't confirm that right now.
    We're really sorry about that mistake but we hope that the official release today will improve the experience with our product!
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