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How to reduce GMS CPU and memory consumption

GMS (version 9.2) is extremely slow. Memory consumption is always in critical status.

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics


  • ChusitoChusito Newbie ✭

    The first thing would be to know if you meet the minimum requirements, for GMS,

    second to know how many appliances you have in the GMS.

    Third, GIVE IT MORE.

    In my experience, he always wants more, I have 2 GMS v9.2 an 1 GMSv9.3, one of the GMS9.2 has 45 appliances, (the other 9.2 only 10 appliances) (all under VMWare 6.5) and I have assigned it, 24G to RAM and 4 CPU cores and it always eats everything up.

    But it is not something that you have to worry about if it does its job. (If the high CPU suo seems strange to me) The problem is when something goes wrong, and it stops summarizing, and starts not processing the syslogs.

    The capture GMS9.2 45 appliaces. last 5 days.

  • dasr_tjtodasr_tjto Newbie ✭

    We had 2 GMS v9.2 with 30G to RAM and 16 CPU cores for each. Both has 22 appliances. As you can see, we have a lot of resources assigned to GMS. But even so, we had this problem of total resource consumption. This issue was only resolved when we upgraded to GMSv9.3. But we don't know if it was the update or the fact that we restarted the appliances that solved the problem.

    So, is it normal that, over time, the GMS gradually increases the resources consumption to the point of exhaustion?

    Many thanks for the reply @Chusito.

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