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Linking SonicWall Vmware machine with GNS3

hello everyone,

I hope that you all doing well, so my question is about sonicwall.

When i add sonicwall firewall vmware machine to my gns3 and i start it the sonicwall firewall show me this message:

 "the sonicwall network security virtual network adapters have been modified nsv requires at least 2 ethernet adapters, currently 0 are configured ....." 

can anyone please help,


Category: Virtual Firewall


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    adminadmin Newbie ✭

    any luck with this i am running in to the same exact issue

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    Michael_BischofMichael_Bischof SonicWall Employee
    edited February 2022
    You need to add network interfaces to your virtual firewall.
    Have a look at page 21:
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    @Michael_Bischof Thanks for your help i will try it and let you know.

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