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Missing Network Log-on on Windows Screen

After updating two different SMA500v on ESXi, after net extender is updating, we no longer have the network icon on the windows log in screen for windows 10. This means we cannot connect the clients to the VPN before logging into windows.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I have the same issue after upgrading to version 10.2.319. Was this ever resolved?

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    No- I opened a ticket with support and was told it was planned for a future release but with no ETA. I had to go into each client and backroll net extender to 10.2.309. Make sure you adjust the SMA and Netextender to disable auto-upgrade.

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    Halon5Halon5 Enthusiast ✭✭


    I have exactly this issue.

    I installed Netextender off the "new" support pages. ie. 315 the top of the auto installed 319.

    It kind of worked in that I was able to get the double networking icons again.

    Bit of a disaster to be honest. It's going to mess up my holiday that's for sure.


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    Halon5Halon5 Enthusiast ✭✭

    you might want to :-

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    This is my current solution as well. I opened up a support ticket and received the following information:

    As per Engineering this functionality is dropped

    - Modernizing the driver to Tun dropped the support

    - This is by design as Device VPN is planned for a future update

    It may be advisable to rollback the firmware and the clients?

    I then asked for an ETA and the response was

    As per Engineering it will be added in a future release. No estimated time for inclusion has been determined at this time.

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    RCShoemakerRCShoemaker Newbie ✭

    Am I reading this correctly in that they are taking away critical functionality without having rolled out the replacement?

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    TopGearTopGear Newbie ✭

    Support told me that pre-Windows Login functionality has officially been discontinued. We have come to rely on this functionality that SonicWall has removed. Are there any other VPN products out there that have this functionality?

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