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Upgrading firmware on SonicWall SWS14-48FPOE

shoeshoe Newbie ✭

I connected a SonicWall SWS14-48FPOE (allowing auto discovery, basically following the directions in the quick setup that came with the switch) to X2 on a new SonicWall TZ370 (SonicOS 7.0.1-5030-R4007) and from what I was reading, I should have been able to on the TZ370 go to Device -> External Controllers -> Switch Network -> Overview and select upgrade firmware (switch is currently at and going to I get an Error dialog with "Switch firmware upgrade has failed".

What I suspect is that the switch can not get to the internet to download the firmware. Looking at the rules before and after adding the switch, it looks like some rules were added to allow the switch to access the internet. But I'm new to SonicWall and I'm not positive I'm correct on this.

X0 is our internal LAN

X1 is the WAN

X2 is the the switch

Any help - particularly pointing to the correct documentation would be appreciated.

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    shoeshoe Newbie ✭
    Answer ✓

    Actually, I've been through those documents. What I finally found was that the DHCP server for the port X2 was being created but not enabled, not sure why, once enabled, everything came to 'life'. "It's alive!"

    Network -> System -> DHCP Server - [port x2] -> DHCP Server Lease Scopes

    Sometimes you just need a hammer. As I used to say in the military long ago, "Well, Sarge, when in doubt, pound it in or out.", considering I worked in weapons, that never went over very well.

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