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BWM and total BW

We have a guest VAP that I'd like to limit internet bandwidth on and give the rest to everything else. Reading the guide I'm confused. Looking at BWM, on the most basic level it appears you can give a guaranteed BW and Maximum to an interface. Per the guides example:

If the bandwidth management type is None, and there are three traffic types that are using an interface, if the link capacity of the interface is 100 Mbps, the cumulative capacity for all three types of traffic is 100 Mbps.

When Global bandwidth management is enabled on an interface, all traffic to and from that interface is bandwidth managed. If the available ingress and egress traffic is configured at 10 Mbps, then by default, all three traffic types are sent to the medium priority queue. The medium priority queue, by default, has a guaranteed bandwidth of 50 percent and a maximum bandwidth of 100 percent. If no Global bandwidth management policies are configured, the cumulative link capacity for each traffic type is 10 Mbps. 

I feel like I should be setting a total limit somewhere. I also feel like I don't quite understand how BWM works in SonicOS. Should I be setting our WAN limit to 200Mbps(our ISP bandwidth)? Then the guest interface to the limit we'd like? I see no need to limit internal LAN traffic, just WAN(Internet) for guest users.

Category: High End Firewalls


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