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8200v SMA - Nested Group doesn't work.


I contacted support but they dismissed me.

I have configured nesting group, but it doesn't work.

I’ve got a group PL_G_SMA_TEST – this group has an access to some recoures to our network over the SMA.

 I create group PL_G_LOD_SMA where i placed a user : Zbigniew Bedkowski (you can see their on the screen).

 Group PL_G_LOD_SMA is a member of the group PL_G_SMA_TEST.

 And when i connect to SMA as a user: Zbigniew Będkowski (which is in the nested group) – i can not access resources which i have configured in Access Control for the group PL_G_SMA_TEST.

Look at screenshots below.

What can i do wrong?? 

Any idea?? :)


Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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