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Tech Tips - Best practices for protection against ransomware

Hello Everyone,

It is highly important to have your network protected from any kind of possible attack. Ransomware can be devastating to an individual or an organization and is the worst of them all. It is therefore, very essential to know the best practices to be followed to keep your network safe.

Please go through the article below for the same

As we know that most of the traffic these days is encrypted, it is highly essential that the firewall can understand and scan them even though they are encrypted. It is also very important to have DPI-SSL turned ON for the same as most of the protection techniques will need that feature to work efficiently. The KB below explains the procedure for that.

If you have a large environment and need help with distributing the DPI-SSL certificate to all clients, you can either choose to use Group policy, DPI-SSL enforcement service, or if you are already using the Capture Client, you can distribute the certificate using CC.

Have a good one and stay safe!!

Category: Firewall Security Services

Shipra Sahu

Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services


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