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FQDN Address Groups

I seem to be having an issues with FQDN Address Groups. When I create an FQDN address group via the web interface everything looks as expected but I then cant find it via the API.

The address-objects endpoints have options for ipv4, ipv6, mac and FQDN but the address-groups only have options for ipv4 and ipv6. It would appear that FQDN address groups are not available via the API?

I see that in the ipv4 and ipv6 endpoints I have an option to add FQDN objects but always get a 400 error.

How can I GET/POST/PUT FQDN address groups?


  "address_groups": {
    "ipv4": {
      "name": "FQDN Group API Test",
      "address_object": {
        "fqdn": [
            "name": ""
            "name": ""
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Best Answer

    JaimeJaime SonicWall Employee
    edited September 28 Accepted Answer

    Address Groups become ”mixed” type when an object such as an FQDN object, MAC object, or IPv6 object are added to it. Please try referring to the group as a an IPv6 group instead.


  • CTaylorCTaylor Newbie ✭

    Moving the the ipv6 endpoint resolved my issue for all methods. Thank you for the quick reply.

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