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2FA for SSL VPN - 2FA in weblogin ?

AlbertoAlberto Enthusiast ✭✭

Using this guide:

I'm doing a test to enable 2FA access users for ssl vpn.

2FA is enabled on the ssl-vpn 2FA enabled user group.

However, the user even in web login (to surf the internet) asks for 2FA.

Category: SSL VPN


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    @Alberto, can you provide screenshots of what you mean by surfing to the internet requiring 2FA?

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    AlbertoAlberto Enthusiast ✭✭

    We use web login to enable users to surf internet.

    Normally using this form for user and password:

    If I enable my user on SSL VPN using 2FA, this login page change and It request me code for surf on internet

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    Thomas_BuergisThomas_Buergis Enthusiast ✭✭

    Yes, that makes sense because the 2FA/TOTP is enabled on a user or group level. No matter if SSL-VPN or login to the firewall, the same user settings are kicking in.

    Ideally, you would run a dedicated SSL-VPN solution. Take a look at SMA500v. It's very cost-effective and it gives you better features than SSL-VPN on the firewall.

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