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Defining a static range after DHCP is already used

I have my SonicWALL setup for DHCP and I use a range of - I have around 70 devices on the network and they're scattered all over the place. I would like to define the - as a static range. The first 50 reserved for my devices and anything 51-100 for any vendor equipment. Then anything else that connects to the network would show up after the 100 mark using DHCP. Since my network is already implemented would it be wise to first go through and setup static IP's for the devices already connected and then change the4 DHCP Scope for the SonicWALL to 100 - 254. I wasn't for sure what type of affect this would have on the network since its already in production.


Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    NatNat Newbie
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    There will be no disruption. As static IP require end point MAC address. Once you configured, the next DHCP renew on end point will get the new static IP. Existing connection should not be affected.

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