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CCA Web filtering - No on-prem SW firewall - Option for end user to whitelist website

More along the lines of a feature request - but is it possible to provide the option for an end user running CCA on the endpoint, to whitelist a website being blocked by the "not rated" category? This would be for a customer not using an on-prem Sonicwall firewall.

I prefer to leave this category enabled due to the multitude of rogue sites getting spun-up/torn day every 24hrs - but it blocks too many legitimate websites due to sites falling into the not-rated category ranking.

I'm not always available as admin to whitelist a website and ran into a customer issue y'day due to not being able to access a website for a required employee seminar.

If not an option - and not planned to be an option in the future - how best to manage this going forward? For now, I've disabled this category on this specific tenant, but not the preferred long term solution I want to stay with.. Thanks

Category: Capture Client

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    SuroopMCSuroopMC SonicWall Employee
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    Interesting feature request and not one we've received before - we've had an ask in the past from an education customer to allow limited access to the portal only to whitelist websites by non-IT Staff (e.g. Teachers).

    This would obviously supercede such a requirement - but would this be policy driven? I'd be curious to know what is the general opinion on how much control the end user should have to do this. Clearly, we don't want a site that isn't productive but falls into the "Not Rated" category to be whitelisted.


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    b1ntechb1ntech Newbie ✭

    "Clearly, we don't want a site that isn't productive but falls into the "Not Rated" category to be whitelisted."

    That's a good point. Permitting any and all end users to have access to whitelist a site they're determined to get to, would probably not be the best approach.

    The ability to add a designated user for portal access would probably be the cleanest approach and most practical for programmers to implement.

    Appreciate the follow-up.

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