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CC 3.6.30 causing high SYSTEM CPU usage!

Since the deployment of CC 3.6.30 we received a lot of end-user complaints with laptop devices .. battery seems to drain much faster then before.

After some investigation we notice a very high CPU usage on the SYSTEM process under Windows .. the problem = swcfdrv64.sys (see screenshot). 😑

Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Category: Capture Client


  • ThKThK Enthusiast ✭✭

    @Eddy77 i also have noticed some virtual machines which caused vcenter to point out hight CPU usage. Always it was the systmes process like you described. For me i helped me out to give the few maschines one more physical processor fromr the vm resources. so the cpu came down a little. I wait for the next update i´m glad the most machines run, so I wait for the new release . Someone surely will fix it. or bring up new surprises ...


  • Eddy77Eddy77 Newbie ✭

    We have a policy to keep the General Release on the Servers .. so luckily they are not updated to this release and remain unaffected .. but mostly all other Windows endpoints are effected.

    I hope SonicWall will fix this ASAP .. 😒

  • Eddy77Eddy77 Newbie ✭

    Just called support about this issue .. the Web Content Filter is causing the problem, workaround is to disable this in the policy.

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