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Can someone tell me how to get my 500v to use the new serial number and license I registered?

So I was using a free trial of 500v to test it out. It works great for what we need so we bought it.

They sent me a new activation code and serial number. I registered them on

I followed the directions that they sent. i went to https://x.x.x.x/cgi-bin/diag reset my license. Tried to reactivate it with the new serial like they claim and it tells me No, I can only use the old trial licenses because it's registered to that. I google and I find . Alright cool I log in to mysonicwall account and try to deregister like it says there. Only option I have is delete for the license not deregister. if I delete the license I'll lose access to it correct? is that the same as deregistering? and if I delete it will it let me register the device with the other license?

I also have asked support about this but I haven't gotten a response and I'm a sonicwall newbie.

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  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited September 2021

    @Sdrago305 follow the below

    1: ) back up the config (just to be safe)

    2: ) you need to register the new serial number in your mysonicwall account

    3: ) change you view to Classic view on the SMA appliance

    4 : ) /diag in the URL like below

    5: ) on your mysonicWall account delete the original Trial instance/appliance (make sure you select the trial one not the new one you have just registered)

    6: ) on the SMA appliance go to Licences and put in the new serial number and auth code of the new appliance

    7: ) your new appliance will now be registered with the new serial number

    N.B, create a backup again make sure you remove any back afterwards with old serial number in the filename.

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