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SWS14-24 config backup and VLAN question

booster94booster94 Newbie ✭
edited September 2021 in Switches

I'm using this switch in standalone mode, but I'm not seeing an option to backup the config. Am I missing something?

Also when I try and setup a new VLAN I can't set up anything as untagged on the new VLAN because all the ports are already allocated to VLAN1 as untagged, however if I go into VLAN 1 the untagged port box is greyed out and can't be changed. Seems like I'm missing something there as well.

Category: Switches


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    Okay, I was able to figure out the VLAN piece. I had to go under port settings -->advanced and in there everything is defaulted to Native VLAN1. So if you change the default there it opens it up for use elsewhere. Seems like that setting would make more sense to be the the VLAN section...but least I found it.

    The config backup option...or lack thereof still has me stumped. Can this only be done from command line? And if so, how?

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    JVCJVC Newbie ✭

    From what I am seeing, there currently is no way to backup the config without the switch being managed by a SonicWall firewall.

    @SonicWall Please give us a way to backup and import config from a standalone switch!!!

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    DanielTPDanielTP Newbie ✭

    In order to save a configuration backup, you should first configure your ssh client to save all the output to a text file.

    After that, connect to the switch via ssh.

    Run this command: show current running-config

    The configuration will be shown one page at a time, at the end of the page you will see this message:


    you will have to hit space bar to advance to the next page, this is not fun because the configuration is huge and at the end you'll have to remove those from the file you get.

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