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GMS 9.3: Summarizer: appliances that are misconfigured


Today i noticed a lot of units that are misconfigured for Summarizer

Diagnostics>Summarizer Status -> "Syslogs sent by appliances that are not under reporting and management" -> "Serial # of appliances that are misconfigured"

This list is about half of the total number of our units managed bij GMS

I can't figure out what is misconfigured or why GMS thinks these units are misconfigured. I compared the syslog config of a unit in the list with a unit which is not in the list and couldn't find a difference.

Anyone got a clue what would be 'misconfigured' with these units?

For units that are in the misconfigured list all seems to be working as normal. I can see syslogs are arriving at the GMS server and statistics are showing under de Syslog node.

Thanks in advance

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics
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