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TZ570 Vendor lock SFP

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edited September 2021 in Entry Level Firewalls

Tested multiple brands of 1gb base-t coper SFP, none of them work with the TZ570 (tested with Link Speed set to 1gb)

Are the SFP ports vendor locked ?

1gb dac cable works fine.

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  • MichaelMichael SonicWall Employee
  • A_ElliottA_Elliott Enthusiast ✭✭

    I use "generic" 10gb SFP+ DAC cables from fs without issues on my 2700 and 670, as well as 1gb SFP DAC cables for my 470s.

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    Same here, all DAC cables work without issues.

    Alle tested SFP 1gb Base-t rj45 do not work.

    470 has no SFP ports. (only tz570 & tz 670)

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    I stand corrected. Didn't know😉

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    edited April 2022

    2,5 & 5GB Connection

    Has anyone successfully made a 2.5Gbps connection with a tz470 or a 2.5/5gbps connection with the TZ570?

    10Gbps port connection is disabled as of firmware 7.0.0-R906 so no nbase-t sfp+ will connect on a firmware higer

    10Gbps DAC cable will not work (there is no switch that can do 2.5/5gbps on a SFP+ interface directly, only 1/10Gbps).

    Sonicwall says it will work.

    Supported SonicWall and 3rd party SFP and SFP+ modules that can be used with SonicWall TZ series | SonicWall

    After many hours with sonnicwall support still no luck (case number 43825314 and 43820508)

  • ColbyColby Newbie ✭
    edited December 2022

    This is kinda old but I have the same problem. Did you get it resolved? Did sonciwall support help you? I am running a tz570 and want to get a 5gb (or at least 2.5g) connection to a switch. I have a SFP+ module that is RJ45 and it will do 1, 2.5, 5 and 10gb. It is from I have successfully used it on a old powerconnect 5524's SFP+ port at 5gb. As far as I know the switch doesn't support 5gb, the switch thinks it is a 10gb link on its side and the other side sees 5gb (a 5gb USB C nic). When plugging it into the tz570 with the same USB C nic, I got a 5gb link, but couldn't get an IP via DHCP (I never tried a static IP, I may later). In the end I hope to use a twinax/dac cable to get the 5gb link on a switch. But may use a sonicwall 02-SSC-1874 compatible SFP and copper.

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    edited December 2022


    No we still have the same problem, Sonicwall will not fix, the problem they caused.

    We tried  twinax/dac cables they will only do 1gb,

  • ColbyColby Newbie ✭

    Thanks. I will try a "compatible" 02-SSC-1874 "10G/5G/2.5G/1GCopper" SFP+ module and see what happens. I don't want to pay 200+ for a sonicwall one. I will try to remember to report back.

  • blublubblublub Newbie ✭

    As for the TZ470 and 570: Forget it

    Since those FWs only support 2.5 or 5G and not 10G over SFP only the originla SW SFP module will work and that only the Cat5/6 version and not fiber (fiber usually doesnt sync with 2.5 or 5g) - I have tried about 8-10 different, SW compatible SFP modules and there is now way you will get a link with more than 1G - so for 2.5G and up better pay the premium

    Also imprtant:

    The swicth on the other end needs to support 2.5G, or 5G over SFP - it is not good enough if the SFP module supportst that speed.

    Our Cisco 350 switches for example only support SFP 10G and 1G only, there was no way in hell we would get 2.5 oder 5G speeds to the sonicwall and that includes the Sonciwall SFP module in the TZ570 - in the end we hab to buy a new Switch which had native (not SFP) 2.5G ports - that finally worked and took us about 3 months

    It would have been so easy if the TZ570 would just accect 10G as link speed - thx Sonicwall for making an easy thing so diffucult and painful

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    @SonicWall, @Community Manager

    SonicWall is not taking the LAW seriously (Changing specs, so people do not have the options they originally bought).

    When buying a SonicWall tz470 & tz570 the first years the online compatibility list "SFP compatibility table list modules compatible with TZ470/570" to add support for higher than 1Gb/s did work, only later to be removed with a software update.

    Now, SonicWall has in silence removed all compatibly information from the compatibility list for speeds higher than 1gb/s.

    If now you look at the SonicWall tz470 & tz570 is looks like it have never had the upgrade option!.

    How can a company change the main upgrade function and no one is taking responsibility for this robbery.

    @Sonicwall Take your responsibility for making/selling false information when selling your routers and compensate customers for not delivering.

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