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how to upload post connection scripts to device

sherpasherpa Newbie ✭

I want to use a post connection script for windows machines. When enabled you have the choice of a local file, or "Run Server File"

If run server file is selected you can choose a file that has been uploaded. All of this is in the documentation. What isn't in the documentation is how to upload such a file. I did it in the past on a previous firmware version, but the ability is not where it used to be (or at least not where I remember it) and I can not find it anywhere in the documentation or knowledge base. Everything refers to a local system file.

Anyone know where this went?

Category: SSL VPN


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    Marco OctavianMarco Octavian SonicWall Employee
    edited September 2021


    I assume you are referring to the SMA 1000 and Connect Tunnel, based on your verbiage. Correct?

    If so, this screenshot from the 12.4 Admin Guide implies that the scripts are stored locally on the Windows PC or a File Share and you would use Environment variables to specify the location of the respective scripts. See image below.

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