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Installed TZ270 in home office, Netflix no longer works on TV's

Hello, I recently bought a TZ170 to protect home office. Since installing Netflix has stopped working on all Samsung TV's (diags show TV app can't connect to Netflix servers). Amazon Prime and Disney still work fine.

CFS and App control are disabled and idea what the issue is?


Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    AndreMurrayAndreMurray Newbie ✭
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    Ok I fixed my own issue with a fresh set of eyes this morning. The X0 DHCP scope has DNS servers configured, but not the TZ170 LAN IP, I was using Google and some other DNS server. Strangely the computers, Ipad's etc were happy using those DNS servers for general Internet browsing, but Netflix wasn't happy until I enabled DNS proxy on the X0 interface and I re-configured primary DNS to be the X0 firewall LAN IP.

    I'm sure there's a technical reason for this, but I'm happy it's working,

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