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VPN connections for mobile devices stopped working even though Sonicwall reports them as successful

Jeff_LJeff_L Newbie ✭

Suddenly, my wireless devices (a Samsung S9 and a 3rd generation Apple iPad Pro) no longer work with the VPN service that’s built into my corporate firewall, as they have for years. They both connect OK (near-instantly) and obtain a DHCP IP address from the firewall, but the connection is completely non-functional – if you try to load a web page in a browser, the progress bar goes to about 10% and then stops. You have to turn off VPN to restore functionality.

Meanwhile, the VPN connection continues to work perfectly with two Windows desktops. Unlike the wireless units, the connection isn’t instant – there’s a 30-second “completing the connection” phase – but it always completes and gives me a working connection.

Especially confusing is that there are no errors in the log. Both Windows 10 and Samsung/iPad connections report the exact same connection data.

I’ve been through all the help for my VPN setup at Troubleshooting L2TP connectivity when using iPhone, iPod, iPad | SonicWall. No luck.

Is there an obvious answer that a vpn-guru can provide? I can furnish any technical info you request.

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    Jeff_LJeff_L Newbie ✭
    Answer ✓

    I think I've found the problem. The iPad and the Samsung Galaxy both use IKEv2 for the VPN connection -- my Sonicwall only supports IKEv1.


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    AjishlalAjishlal Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Jeff_L

    Your corporate Firewall firmware is latest? if it's not, install latest version and try. As well as make sure your mobile device are installed latest version mobile connector.

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    Jeff_LJeff_L Newbie ✭

    The firewall firmware is the latest and the iPad and Samsung are both updated to the minute. I don't solicit assistance with an issue until I've exhausted all known avenues for self-help, which includes a LOT of web-searching. This is far more likely to be a firewall issue -- everything's in order for the initial connection, but then the connection is blocked from doing anything. I need granular help with the myriad firewall VPN settings -- ideally from someone who actually HAS VPN'd an iPad or Samsung Galaxy to the Sonicwall.

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