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Netextender not loading driver with Memory Integrity switched on

Hello, is there a way to obtain a Netextender version that has signed drivers?

I am seeing a problem on Microsoft Surfaces that have Memory Integrity switched on by default, cannot run the Netextender. If I switch off MI, the Netextender runs OK. Obviously I do not want to reduce the security on the laptop just to run the Netextender client.

Windows 10 Pro 21H1


Category: VPN Client


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    EnaEna SonicWall Employee

    Hi @Simon

    Is this something you could help with? 😃

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    ODA_AGODA_AG Newbie ✭

    Same here.

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    Support got back to me and said to use Mobile Connect instead. Problem with that is that first time logon password change is not available. Users logging in for the first time with password set to be changed get a bad password error with no option to change their password. This is not a good resolution to my issue. Over a week latter I am still waiting for support to respond.
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    ODA_AGODA_AG Newbie ✭

    That's unfortunate. Seems like SonicWALL could offer a BETA version or something, since it is very likely to be an issue with Windows 11 as well.

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    So it turns out there was a problem with my client. After reinstalling Mobile Connect, the password change kicked in. So the fix is to use Mobile connect on a Surface Pro.
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    SchnorglSchnorgl Newbie ✭

    Mobile Connect is EOL an does NOT work on a Surface with Win 11. Neither does Netextender (see OP). This is very annoying, as we can't connect to the office anymore and are now forced to find a new solution.

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    LCOCaseyLCOCasey Newbie ✭

    Same issue...

    Need netextender on new surface pro 11's so I can login to the domain prior to logging in as them the first time deploying devices remotely.

    Whatever Wiper stated is incorrect and has nothing to do with a remedy for the issue. What is the solution with nrtextender? Mobile connect does not work for above scenario

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    Alain_LTAlain_LT Newbie ✭

    Same issue,

    Brand new surface, but unable to use it.

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    Chris44Chris44 Newbie ✭

    Has there been any resolution to this issue. I am unable to connect running Windows 11. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Rebooted numerous times but still not working. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    ABSWVABSWV Newbie ✭
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