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TZ 670 Log Dump Emails

I have a TZ 670 with a 32GB card. I have the memory settings to save logs to secondary storage. I have it set to send a log dump to my email when the log is full. I get log dumps every few days. There is very little usage on the memory card.

With the secondary storage, should I be getting these log dumps frequently or should it fill up more on the secondary storage?

I am on Firmware 7.01-1456.

My NSa 2650 hardly sent log dumps.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • RinconmikeRinconmike Newbie ✭
    edited August 2021

    Another bug.

    Under Automation, Email Settings, the email address under "Send Log to Email Address" and "Send Alerts to Email Address" disappears.

    The email address I had entered is gone and lists [email protected]

    I realize this when I am not getting any alert emails.

    I have a case open on logs randomly dumping to email and also noted this email disappearing issue. Case has been open since 6/30/21. Not as bad as other cases open since 6/2/21 and 6/4/21 for different issues.

    I am 1456 since on 5018 the box randomly booted, Often many times in one hour. Another post and case on that.

  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    @Rinconmike, I've tested this on my appliance with R1456 and I'm not seeing the issue, how did you roll back from R1709 (5018) ? did you do it via safemode and boot with FD then re-import the config?

  • RinconmikeRinconmike Newbie ✭


    I had this issue before going to 5018.

    To downgrade I did method 3 in the KB. I uploaded 1456, booted to factory default, and imported the EXP. I did not do it in safemode. The KB did not note that.

  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    @rinconmike, do you get the same issue with the log automation settings before you import your config?

  • RinconmikeRinconmike Newbie ✭

    @preston yes. I had the issue on 1456 before I went to 5018. I believe I had some of the issues on 5018 as well, but I was not on that long. First issue was dump to emails. There were some times I got 2 or 3 dumps in a day. This was before and then after I had secondary storage enabled. Second issue I have seen again before updating to 1456 is the email I have set to sent alerts and logs to gets wiped as if I never entered it. This is after it was working and i got alerts.

    After 5018 due to random reboots, I downgraded. I downgraded by uploading the 1456, boot to factory default, and then importing the EXP that I exported before I upgraded to 5018.

    I opened a case on this on 6/30/21.

  • prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hi @Rinconmike , it was the second issue, I was talking about the entries for the email address being cleared, did you try this before importing any configuration after upgrading to R1456, that bit does sound a bit like a caching issue with the browser, it would be interesting to see if it is that or something to do with the config file you are importing.

  • RinconmikeRinconmike Newbie ✭

    yes. Had the issues with emails before upgrading to 5018. I do not think a browser issue since I was not getting email alerts.

  • RinconmikeRinconmike Newbie ✭

    Changing logging levels reset the email address in automation.

    Support suggested it.

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