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behavior on several maschines automatically updating from 3.6.24 to 3.6.27

ThKThK Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

meanwhile we noticed a couple of maschines in different tenants are shown as "last active for x days" - what is strange for servers

You must manually contact this maschine. Logon as administrator and if you are lucky then the upgrade works.

a few maschines are already updated to 3-6-27 but show "offline and compliant" and the portal did not see them for days still shows 3.6.24.

Sometime a restart helps to finish installation the 3.6.27 but sometimes it don´t

some maschines are increadibly slow takes so long til they reboot.

i don´t have an idea why this happens - are someone have the similar impressions?

-- Thomas

Category: Capture Client


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