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VPN and remote site

djhurt1djhurt1 Newbie ✭
edited July 2021 in High End Firewalls

Setting up a remote site via VPN. We'll have a couple sonicwaves at the remote site. Remote site will be wired and wireless clients mixed. Sonicwall firewalls at each end. All current sonicwaves are managed by our primary sonicwall on their own subnet. Remote site will be a different subnet. I've been working on the VPN for the remote site however I'm not sure how to handle the sonicwaves. We're using 802.1x/PEAP authentication with NPS at primary site.

What are some options for the remote sonicwaves? I could setup 802.1x/PEAP there as well however it would be wonderful to have it all in one central firewall. With the primary site sonicwaves on different subnet from the remotes I can't think of a way to manage the remote sonicwaves via the primary firewall unless the primary sonicwave subnet can exist at the remote site as well and route through the VPN? Is this something that WLAN tunnel interface could fit in well? Hate to have 2 seperate VPNs to each site though.

Category: High End Firewalls


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