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Max number of zones on a NSa2700

How many zones does a NSa2700 support - OS: 7.0.0-R906

I am trying to import a config from an old NSA4600 that has circa 120 zones defined, one for each VLAN and getting an error:

I've tried importing a direct export from the old firewall and also running it through the online tool, which converts it without any issues.

Any thoughts?

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


  • TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    Recreate from scratch. Don't trust importing between different models and software versions. Did you check the compatibility matrix?

    Says extra interface configurations will be removed, among other things...

  • NickEbstarLtdNickEbstarLtd Newbie ✭
    edited July 2021
    Yes, checked the matrix and saw the warning about the interfaces, which shouldn’t apply as I have nothing configured above X11 on the 4600 and the 2700 has 15 GbE interfaces.
    All the major config (120 VLANs / 120 zones) please a couple of address objects, NAT policies and firewall rules per zone…. And I have more than one unit to migrate, with the same levels of config on each one - but point taken about trusting imports across software and model versions!
  • SaravananSaravanan Moderator

    Hi @NickEbstarLtd,

    You can find the max supported Zone detail for NSA 2700 from its TSR. Here it is for you.

    • Base Max Zone Objects:       206
    • Max Total Zone Objects:       206

    Hope this helps.


    Saravanan V

    Technical Support Advisor - Premier Services

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