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SonicPoint Ni with Gen7 firewall

Enzino78Enzino78 Enthusiast ✭✭

Hello Community,

need to know if gen7 firewalls officialy support the old SonicPoint Ni/Ne (already EOS) in term of centrally management throught the fw UI. I can't find this info on the KB.


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    Hello @Enzino78,

    I can see a provisioning profile for SonicPointN on Gen 7 devices, so it should be able to provision older Ni access points.


    Shipra Sahu

    Technical Support Advisor, Premier Services

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    Enzino78Enzino78 Enthusiast ✭✭

    Thanks Shipra. I can confirm this, but I know from a partner with the same scenario, SonicPoint Nis aren't visibile in a gen 7 firewall UI and thus impossible to manage. But there is no official statement that Gen 7 firewalls support that generation of SonicPoint (Ni/Ne). Are you albe to provide any official docs?

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    Enzino78Enzino78 Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hello Shipra, I've done some tests since I have avialbility of both TZ570 and SonicPoint Ni.

    As you mentioned, on Gen7 there is all the configuration needed to address the SonicPoint Ni usage. So, I've configured the firewall to manage such AP setting a dedicated WLAN zone and a proper provisioning profile. Then I've connected the AP to the specific interface deputy to SonicPoint management through an official PoE Injector.

    SonicPoint Ni was discovered and provisioned since I was able to connect to the defined SSID with the custom password I've set. But it is not visibile in the AP managment section on firewall with Gen7 UI:

    but I was able to see all the statistic from it:

    The curious thing is such problem seems to be related only to OS7 UI. Infact I've reverted the TZ570 to use the old gen6 UI and the SonicPoint Ni cmae visible and manageble:

    (as you can see s/n is the same in all the picture).

    Could you esclate this issue to Dev in order to fix this UI problem?


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