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ISP forwarding WAN IP

César_SCésar_S Newbie ✭

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone's doing well.

I'm having some issues with the way the ISP is giving my client their WAN IP.

We've a Tz 370 connecting the X1 (WAN) to their device, for this connection to work, I need to use some IPs that they gave me, lets say that these IPs are:

For my sonicwall:

Their device:

And then they're forwarding our WAN IP to which is the IP that we've configured on our WAN port.

The issue with this is that we've IPSec connections, and our WAN port should have the outside WAN IP, not the

To work this out, what I did was:

On the X1 port I've configured the WAN IP

After that, I went to the ARP table and created on the X1 port the IP and ticked "publised".

Also, I added the IP with the MAC address from my ISP device to the X1 port in the ARP table.

After all this, I went to the routing page, and created a route:

This works ok for a while, after some time, and it really depends, can be 1 hour to 4 hours or even 6 hours.

The connection to the internet stops working.

I used the packet capture, and the ARP requests from (ISP device) are being dropped.

Any one can help me with this one?

Category: SSL VPN


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