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TZ570 5G ports - backwards compatiable with 2.5G

The TZ570 has two 5Gbe ports, but if I make one a WAN port and plug into a 2.5Gbe port on my modem, will it work at 2.5G or drop down to 1G?

I'm hoping that since the 2.5 and 5 are part of the newer standard it will work. If not, how does one take advantage of the 2.5G port on the modem? (my incoming service is 1.5G so use it or why pay for it) And I'd like to be one step up from the TZ470.

If it will work great, but then I'd like the other 5Gbe port to feed a switch. Problem 2, what Sonicwall switch will accept that? All I've seen are 1G or 10G; and not sure if the 10G is multi-gig capabile to drop to 2.5G or 5G.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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    Yes it can auto-negotiate 2.5 Gb for your modem. If you have a switch that only supports 1/10, then it can only use 1GB, ideally your switch can support 5GB.

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    LarrySchwenkLarrySchwenk Newbie ✭

    Good deal. So for the switch, SWS14-24, I can use the one of the 10G SFP+, use a 10GBase-T copper RJ45 module and it will auto negotiate to 5Gb to firewall?

    My concern was everthing I've read was that unless it specifies that the port is multi-speed, multi-gig, 5-speed.....then the 10G ports are either 10G or 1G, nothing in between.

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    The SWS14-24 cannot do 5GB, it will negotiate 1GB in this scenario.

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    LarrySchwenkLarrySchwenk Newbie ✭

    Any recommendations? With a 5GB port on the firewall, if I can't pass that speed to a switch (for users) then I'm kinda paying for speed that can't be used.

    What Sonicwall switch will work here? Also I'm looking to add SonicPoints, ie 432i. It has a 2.5GB would I plug that in and get the 2.5GB speed?

    I must be missing something here basic....I'm trying to keep everything SonicWall so if I have an issue there won't be finger pointing.

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