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Any way of Speeding up the SSL VPN - NSA2400

StuartUKStuartUK Newbie ✭

Hi all,

My users want to lynch me at present, as the connection speed for SSLVPN is beyond slow!

My setup:

SonicWall NSA2400 (SonicOS Enhanced standard firmware)

Using the NetXtender client from the firewall (i got 2 users using v10 of NetXtender for trials)

Total users connecting via SSLVPN = 17

Office connection: 1GB Lease Line (although the NSA2400 will run at only 25% of that speed = 225mb max speed)

Average Home user Connection: 50mb + speeds. (were a small outfit)

Although might appear risky, what can i turn off/disable to increase connection speeds ?

When users connect via SSLVPN, if they copied a file from desktop to server, and the file is 2mb in size, it will take around 1 minute, like throughput is between 50kbps to 300 ish, with a max burst of 732kb! thats right, no MB ! :( (the globalVPN client allows for MB connection speeds)...

So you can imagine a user trying to work on a database application, just to edit 1 line of text = 40 second wait !

I dont know what to try, i have the older firmwares, happy to roll back the firewall if need be, any ideas ?

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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2021

    Have you run through any of this:

    Have you updated your firewall firmware? Have you tried using the MobileConnect app instead of NetExtender?

    Years ago if you had GlobalVPN client and NetExtender installed on the same PC it would cause speed issues.

    As the NSA2400 is End of Life I doubt you have any security services on that you can turn off... maybe you should upgrade to a newer device to take advantage of the 1Gbps connection from the ISP...

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    StuartUKStuartUK Newbie ✭


    Cheers for the reply :)

    Tried both the app via Microsoft store, and using NetXtender 7.xxxx which installs from the Firewall, as well as installing NetXtender 10.xxxxx .....

    Each give the same service, which is an average throughput of around 355kb :( and even then it stalls sometimes and drops to like 80kb :(

    And yes, i read not to have both GVC and NetX on machine, so the clients with SSLVPN no longer have GVC installed...

    I read last night someone had tried setting up Bandwith Management and setting speeds to max, but still makes no difference...

    After the reading and testing i have done, i excepted that , thats just the way it is.....

    Waiting for finance peeps to allow spending money on new hardware! :D

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