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Configure Firewalls to failover to a backup VPN Route when the MPLS Fails

I have 9 offices connected to a main office with MPLS. The main office has NSA 3600 the remote offices have a mix of TZ500 & TZ400's. Each office has a separate internet connection as well. I would like to be able to set the firewalls up so if there is a MPLS failure the VPN connection can take over and handle the traffic until the MPLS is back online. I am trying to test with 1 remote site, The MPLS route has already been configured for the main & remote officce. I have now configured a VPN Tunnel connection on both the remote & main site Sonicwalls and it created the interface and the route and is showing as up. I have configured the metric with MPLS a 2 VPN 20 I had the remote site take down the MPLS and the VPN connection did not take over.

In further googling I found that I should create a probe on the MPLS route to bring the MPLS down when the probe detects it is offline. I believe I have that setup but cannot test it now. Is there anything else I should check or need to configure? I feel like I am missing something I did see some traffic out but not in on the remote site sonicwall over the tunnel when we took the MPLS down


Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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