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SMA 500v upgrade from v9.x to v10.x


Has anyone done an upgrade from v9 to v10 of SMA 500v? I am fully aware that this is a compatible upgrade path which is great however just looking for some info with regards to how this impacts the users - will the old version of the SMA Connect Agent still work? (needs admin rights to install/update so is a bit of a pain to roll out). Are there major changes to layout that the less tech savvy user might have difficulty with once they are logged in?

I've really struggled to find screenshots or end user guides for v10 online.


Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances

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    stevmorrstevmorr Newbie ✭
    edited October 2021 Answer ✓

    To answer my own question...Users can bypass the message and connect anyway however some found it to be unstable until updated.

    Sonicwall MobileConnect also did not work for most users - frequent disconnects. Had to revert Windows 10 users back to using the full NetExtender client.

    Also worth mentioning that Internet Explorer is not supported on v10 of SMA. You must use Edge, Firefox or Chrome as the login page (and others) does not display properly.


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    Is there any resource that shows compatibility for the Sonicwall SMA Connect Agent. The version that installs with the firmware is version is v1.1.31 whereas has v1.1.37

    Does anyone know if this will work without upgrading the client machines to v1.1.37? Normally the user can just click cancel or later but concerned because the backend is changing a lot between version 9 and 10.


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