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multiple VPN connections to aws

mrshahinmrshahin Newbie ✭
edited June 2021 in MySonicWall


We have setup a site to site VPN from Location A between a Sonicwall and aws and everything working fine.

Now we have 3 more locations (B,C and D) with their own public IP's and all 3 locations have Sonicwall as their firewalls.

Can we simply at the aws site create 3 more customer GW add the lan subnets of location B,C and D to the route table in aws and then configure other 3 Sonicwalls with the aws config file of the location A Sonicwall?

Or we have to also create 3 different site to site vpns at the aws console and attach them also to the same VPC?


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  • AgrikkAgrikk Newbie ✭

    This was months ago, but I suppose I'll answer it for the next person:

    A customer gateway is the public IP address of the VPN appliance on the customer side, so for your four offices you will need four CGWs for any given region.

    Yes, you will add the route statement to the route table in AWS.

    Each office must have its own VPN connection created in AWS, so you will have four different configuration files: one for each customer endpoint appliance.

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