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SMA 8200V - do disconnect and reconnect events show in syslog?

We switched last year from the SMA 400 with Netextender (RAS/dialer based client) to the SMA8200V with Modern Connect Tunnel (LAN based client). With the Netextender client we were able to see disconnect/reconnect events and spot the users with bad internet connections quickly. With the Modern Connect Tunnel client, there do not seem to be any disconnect/reconnect events, so everyone appears to have a solid connection. I guess this is to be expected with the LAN based client, but wanted to check. Are there any events (even optional) from the SMA devices or CMS that can show something similar to disconnect/reconnect events so that we can spot our trouble users?

There are MANY benefits to the Modern Connect Tunnel client and I am very happy with the switch. This is a minor issue, but I wanted to ask before looking elsewhere for reliability tracking.

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    KiranKiran SonicWall Employee
    edited October 2021

    Modern connect tunnel is form enterprise device SMA 1000 series only. The netextender is for SMB device SMA 100 series only.

    You can create a case and call for the disconnection issue. We can have a check.

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    I understand that. I am just asking if there is any event that can be tracked when a user disconnects like the old SMA 100 series. For example if a user has a bad internet connection, I could tell that easily on the SMA 100 series by all the disonnect reconnect events. Now with the SMA 1000 I cannot centrally monitor user disconnects. I do not have a problem with the SMA 1000 dropping users, I just used to be able to monitor a little better.

    I think the netextender was essentially a RAS connection, so there was a concept of connect disconnect (and a heartbeat), but the MCT client is a proper network connection so the concept of connect/disconnect/reconnect is not there. MCT is a MUCH better client, but re-introducing a heartbeat might be a useful option.

    Even if the user has a bad internet connection they are likely to blame the VPN. I used to be able to pro-actively track that and and let the user know that there was an issue with their connection.

    There are other VPN solutions on the market that integrate diagnostics into the client. Maybe this is something that can happen in the future. I subscribed to the pingplotter cloud service for a while but that required another agent on the machines and had an additional cost. (BTW - pingplotter CLOUD it is a very good solution for anyone looking to monitor the quality of their remote users internet connections)

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