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Netextender very slow to connect from new system

MikeFMikeF Newbie ✭

I work from home and use Netextender to connect to the office through the Sonicwall device. This has worked well for the last 2 years or so, but since upgrading my pc to a new motherboard with the the AMD X570 chipset, Netextender takes a very long time to connect. Sometimes it will even fail altogether. I started with the older version 8.6.266 that was working with previous system. I then tried 10.2.309 and that was still slow as mollasses too. Then tried a 9. something with same results, and am back on 10.2.309. It can take up to 7-8 minutes before it will connect and spends a long time on "Checking for updates" it seems. I am on 100meg fibre connection. The company that manages our network have tried to figure this out but in the end were useless so I am here to see if I can find some help with this.

Category: SSL VPN


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